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Healing the Heart Through the Intuitive Creations of Anu Oro

ANU is a 23-year-old artist and writer born and raised in the US. Visuals arts and other forms of expression have been a part of her life since she can remember. A paint brush, pen or good book always served as the perfect therapy and personal paradise.

Anu’s art reflects her thoughts, feelings, spirituality and experiences. Bold colors, vibrant images and prose act as a form of healing and release for this young artist. Always willing to try new mediums and arenas of creativity, the possibilities of what will come to fruition through Anu’s work are unlimited. She has faith that her pieces, both written and visual, cultivate healing and a fresh appreciation for the arts.



Anu Oro’s Art and Interview

Tell me more about Anu. 

My name is Anu Oro and I am a visual dream artist. Essentially what I do is create art intuitively; I keep a dream journal that I reference for inspiration. A lot of my themes and colors are also influenced by my West Indian background. In addition to my artwork, I also love creating poetry.


As a writer, what would you say were two of your favorite books that influenced you?

My mother gave me books from an early age and always encouraged me to write in my spare time; the first books I ever recall reading were “Charlottes Web” and “The Trumpet of The Swan”. The books challenged my reading level, stimulated my imagination and helped me to learn how to broaden my vocabulary. From there, I advanced into more sense literature.


There are very strong elements of feminity in your art, and I’d love to know what inspires that. Would you consider yourself a feminist or would that be a term you aren’t very fond of? 

I would consider myself, of course, to be in support of female rights & equality. I’m not a big fan of labels, though. A lot of feminine energy influences my work; I paint what I know best. Being a woman has been an incredible experience, why not document that?


I love the intimate essence of your art. What would you say is the message you hope to send to others through your creative works?

My pieces are energy work; I hope to send the message of healing. The process by which my art was born was bittersweet, I’m sure that people who are sensitive can sense that. If the image speaks to the viewer beyond a superficial level, then I’m fulfilled.


Could you share a bit more about the thoughts and meanings of ” & All Things Shall Become Anu” and “Lady Luck?”

“All things shall become ANU” was a piece where I channeled ancestral energy; I had changed my brand and personal name to ANU by this process. I gave myself permission to be reborn, to be renewed.


As for “Lady Luck”, she was a piece created almost five years ago when I was dabbling in art; I had the tendency to sketch only black and white images at this period. My creativity was trying to push through. Yet, I was playing it safe.


I enjoyed your feature on Julius July’s blog. Do you personally feel a strong connection to nature and how do you feel that it impacts you as an artist?

Thank you! I do have a love for nature; I feel as though the place I create from is somewhere hot, damp, filled with palm trees, sand and brightly colored flowers. It makes me smile to even think of being in a place like that.


What’s your favorite creation at the moment?

“Heart Space”, is currently my favorite piece. I made this with healing my heart in mind. I always felt like I was weak for loving people and admitting that I was heartbroken by not having relationships go as I’d expected. This piece made me reflect on my experience and release it in a way that was definite but gentle.


 See more of Anu’s art here and keep up with her on her website, Twitter, and Instagram:

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